Description:  Kent Create – is first Kent cigarettes with two non-menthol capsules in a new compact format and unique improved aftertaste technology. Capsules allow you to control the taste of the cigarette. For example, you can activate the purple capsule at the beginning of the smoking process to compliment the tobacco taste. After you can activate the yellow capsule for the improved aftertaste. You can find the combination that suits you. Also, there is a Less Smell technology – less tobacco smell on the hands and clothes

Tar level: 4 mg

Nicotine: 0.4 mg

CO: 3 mg


About Kent brand

Kent mark was first launched in the USA in 1952 and nowadays it is sold in more than 70 countries around the world. BAT is constantly developing the quality of its products to make Kent cigarettes meet the requirements of high international quality standards. Moreover, Kent brand is maintaining its image as an innovator by analyzing consumers’ needs and introducing innovations to the market. Nowadays, Kent has a strong position in the premium segment of the market.

Kent Create 20's

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